Why Bother Optimizing for the Athlon?

Why? Why go through all this trouble to optimize your system? Many people have asked this question to me when I was looking for information to start this project.

Because you can.

Many people out there running Linux on their Athlon purchased an Athlon because they wanted the performance. Why spend all that money when you can't get all that performance out of you system? Why bother spending the money for a 750mhz processor only for it to perform like a 350mhz processor? That is why. 

Its all about performance. Nothing "out of the box" can get the most out of your system. This doesn't go for just Athlons, but also for Pentiums and Celerons and other processors and hardware. Most linux binaries that come with distributions are compiled for 386's to allow the binaries run on as much hardware as possible. So having those binaries take advantage of your advanced cpu is very unlikly. But luckily most linux software is open source and we can recompile it to take advantage of advanced cpu's. That is why.

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