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AthlonGCC is a patch to PentiumGCC to make Athlon optimized binaries. The agcc project was inspired by a similar project of kim@hannah.ipc.miyakyo-u.ac.jp. Kim created an experimental patch to pgcc that took advantage of the Athlon processor. The patch wasn't updated very frequently so the patch became the basis to create a full fledged patch thats creates binaries as optimized as possible.

Currently the project is in its very early stages and no modifications have been made to the original patch. The creator of the original patch has been contacted and has been informed about this project and I hope to have him either leading or working on this project.

The sourceforge page is available here.

The AthonGCC Project is looking for experienced programmers to help this project continue! 

If you wish the help the project you should have experience with gcc code, but this is not required. You should also look over the athlon documentation available at Amd's web site at http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/athlon/techdocs/

If you are up to the task, head over to the Contribute Page.

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